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Comprehensive Home Inspection Guarantee

Home Inspection Services, INC. Guarantees a complete and detailed home inspection. These inspections adhere to the strict specifications of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) standards of practice. All areas of the home listed below that can be inspected safely will be investigated with close attention to detail. All findings will be translated simply into a comprehensive report that is not only detailed, but is also easy for anyone to understand. 

 Roof coverings


 Gutter and water drainage systems

 Roof penetrations

 Exterior siding

 Windows & doors 


 Sloping of the yard 

 Walkways & Driveways


 Kitchen Appliances



 Interior doors



 Plumbing supply & drain lines 

 Bath, Kitchen, Laundry & Exterior plumbing applications

 Water heater

 Operation of all ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) plugins

 Electrical polarity in all reachable plugins

 Operation of electrical applications

 Condition and operation of the main electrical panel

 Adequacy of the insulation in both the attic and the crawlspace

 Floor structure

 Roof structure 





                                                             - Additional Services Offered-

At Home Inspection Services, we understand that buying a home is both an exciting and stressful

time in your life. We also understand that every home is unique, many homes have a wide array of different systems and features, one inspection does not meet every homes requirements.

This is why we offer you the freedom to customize the exact services you and your home need.

All services completed with extreme attention to detail for your satisfaction and peace of mind.

We do all of this to help make your home buying experience less stressful and more enjoyable.


Pre-Listing Inspection:

The pre-listing inspection is designed for home owners that want the opportunity to improve their home to its best condition before potential buyers see any possible faults. This can help the seller make more money on their sale as well as help expedite the time which it takes to sell their home. Any faults found during the pre-listing inspection that the buyer does not want to repair before selling their home can be listed on the seller’s disclosure. This can prevent the potential buyer from negotiating for these repairs after an accepted contract. This can save the seller a vast amount of money.


Manufactured Home Inspections: 

At Home Inspection Services, we offer detailed inspections for manufactured homes. These inspections are similar to the Comprehensive Home Inspection, and also focus on issues that are prevalent in manufactured homes. We will also ensure that all manufacturer requirements are met on the manufactured home being inspected. This inspection is meant to ease the mind of a manufactured home buyer, and to help them understand exactly what comes with their new purchase. 


Multi-unit Inspection:

At Home inspection Services, we offer multi-unit or multi-dwelling inspections. These inspections are preformed on apartments, duplexes, horse farms, and other properties that require multiple dwellings to be inspected. These dwellings can consist of multiple homes, individual apartments, apartment buildings,  manufactured homes, barns, office spaces, commercial property, garages, as well as any other dwelling that may require an inspection for the buyers peace of mind.

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